Genius Loci

“Hill House itself, not sane, stood alone against its hills, holding darkness within.”

Shirley Jackson’s the Haunting of Hill House

Genius Loci: a person who is a place, a cluster of will and thought inhabiting a location. A sentient desert, forest, or street. Hiveminds and personifications, protectors and hungry predators.

Place-as-person has been a cherished theme of religion and fiction for many years. Genius Loci will be a collection of new stories dealing with genius loci and sentient geography.

Genius Loci funded successfully on Kickstarter and is now in copyediting and production. Huge thanks to all of the backers!

Kickstarter Project Page

Table of Contents

Santa Cruz–Andy Duncan
And the Trees Were Happy—Scott Edelman
Blackthorn—B. Morris Allen
Ouroboros in Orbit—Jason Batt
Reef—K.C. Norton
Scab Land—Wendy Wagner
The Forgetting Field—Caroline Ratajski
The Town the Forest Ate—Haralambi Markov
Imperator Noster—Sonya Taaffe
The Other Shore—Rebecca Campbell
The South China Sea—Z.M. Quynh
Iron Feliks—Anatoly Belilovsky
Forest For the Trees—Steven S. Long
Drowning Again—Ken Scholes and Katie Cord
The Grudge—Thoraiya Dyer
Twilight State—Gemma Files
Coaltown—Heather Clitheroe
In the Water, Underneath—Damien Angelica Walters
Afterparty—Chaz Brenchly
The Gramadevi’s Lament—Sunil Patel
Blue & Grey and Black & Green—Alethea Kontis
Heartbeat—Laura Anne Gilman
Long Way Down—Seanan McGuire
The Snow Train—Ken Liu
The City–Vivienne Pustell
The Crooked Smile Killers—James Lowder
Threadbare Magician—Cat Rambo
Serenity Eternal–Steven Silver
Beer and Pennies—Rich Dansky
The Sleck–Keris MacDonald
The Transplant Specialist–Sarah Goslee
Cactus Flowers and Bone Flutes–Mercedes M. Yardley

So, by my count, we have 14 men and 18 women, and a bunch of stories set in non-North American spaces, which is fantastic. Carrie Sessarego will be writing introductions to each story, as well as a little about the history of genius loci as a concept. Lisa Grabenstetter and Evan Jensen will be providing some amazing interior art.



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