Gen Con Schedule!

It’s that time! Gen Con starts in just a couple of days, and the chaos swallows us all whole. If you want to say hello, talk about work, or sit in on a panel, please do! I promise I don’t bite. I might be rushed and look super stressed out, but I like seeing people and will almost always be happy to say hello.┬áSo, to make things easier, here’s my schedule.

I’ll be working the Green Ronin booth, 929, every day for a couple of hours.


Setting up Green Ronin’s booth.

Attending the Diana Jones Awards.


Green Ronin booth: noon to 2.

Attending to the Gaymer table from 2-3.


PANEL: Nisaba Press, Stadium Room 12.

Green Ronin booth: 4-6


Green Ronin booth: 4-6pm

Author Symposium dinner


PANEL: 11am, Editing RPGs, JW Room 202

PANEL: 1pm, Tie-in Fiction, Hyatt Studio 1

Green Ronin booth: 2-4pm, then tear-down.

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