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I have been utterly remiss in updating my schedule recently, I realize. I started working a corporate contract, so between that and clients, I’ve been thoroughly distracted. I’ve also had an exciting run of bad luck – black eye from Systema, the ranch flooded, I got an infected tooth from a routine dental visit, I am the 1 in 300 who responds badly to routine tetanus boosters, and today I got run over by a horse! The last couple of months have been fun.

But, I have a few things coming up in the next couple of months! My schedule for Origins is below, but I will also be a workshop leader at Cascade Writer’s Workshop, and an Industry Insider at Gen Con.

Origins Game Fair

I’m a Library guest again! My schedule is fairly quiet.

THURSDAY 4 p.m.: Burning the Envelope

You’ve heard the expression “pushing the envelope.” Is there a time a writer should go beyond that and burn the envelope into a little pile of ash? When does breaking writing taboos work? Can it have consequences? Can it affect your sales? When can a writer get away with it? And when should a writer pull back and leave the envelope intact? Our panelists talk about scenes where they burned the envelope…and where they chose not to.

FRIDAY 1 p.m.: Do It Yourself

Learn the joys and difficulties of self-publishing from finished manuscript to layout to copy edits and covers. Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Createspace, and more will be covered. Learn how crowdfunding works for publishing projects and what projects succeed while others fail.

FRIDAY 3 p.m.: Self Promotion Sells Books

Once upon a time all an author had to do was write a good story and sell it to a publisher. The publisher did the rest, and the author moved on to the next book. That’s still true if you’re a big name, but if you fall below that mark you have to do more than write a good story. Our panelists cover Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, blogs, newsletters, advertisements, and the like. In the current writing market, an author who doesn’t promote doesn’t sell. How much time and money should you spend promoting, and where best should you direct your efforts?

SATURDAY 5 p.m.: Finding Work as an Editor

How can you legitimately put the and after your name? Author and editor? How do you prove your editing chops? Where do you look for freelance work? The Library’s editors give you pointers on the craft and point you in the best direction.

SUNDAY 1 p.m.: Writing Potpourri

Join us for a question and answer session about writing, editing, and publishing. Our panel will discuss tidbits not covered in previous sessions and will recommend books for the audience. Brain-picking welcomed.

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