I write fiction, nonfiction, and for games. A selection of works is included below. This list is an ongoing work.

The Shattered Queen: They speak of war-witches and disinherited queens, women who changed history and women who were made by the history of others. They speak of a labyrinth, the body of a dying god, hollowed by time and carrion-feeders, and the creatures that once lurked within. They tell their own stories, too, secrets snatched from dying planets and closing doors, adventurous centuries spent chasing the threads of forgotten mythologies. They tell these stories as death consumes them, hoping that someone will remember.


  • The Munchkin Book
  • For Exposure
  • Crossed Genres (We Are Mighty)
  • Crossed Genres (Digging Beneath the Skin of the Sea)
  • Robert E. Howard Changed My Life (Belit, Queen of the Black Coast)
  • Game Devs and Others (My Own Damn Game)
  • 7th Sea – Equestrians
  • Tales from the Margins anthology


  • Falstaff Pride 2020: A Celebration of LGBTQIA+ Authors
  • The Aether Age: Helios First Step, Last Breath & The Shadow of Phrixos (with Fadzlisha Johanabas)
  • Grendelsong Autumn 2015 (As the Sun Dies)
  • Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters (The Greatest Hunger)
  • Dragons! Anthology (Origins Library)
  • Shadowrun: Drawing Destiny
  • By Faerie Light, Volume 2 (Under the Dreams of the Gods, We All Weep)
  • Space! Anthology (Origins Library)
  • Heroes! (By Blood and Fang and Song, We Call You)
  • Robots! Anthology (Origins Library)
  • Triumph Over Tragedy (I am Made of Every Color)
  • Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi, Issue 16 (When Nothing Was)
  • M-Brane SF
  • Writers for Relief Anthology
  • Life After Ashes Anthology

Game Writing

A selection of game publications as an individual contributor, not all credits are listed here. Specific adventures or co-development credits are noted where relevant.

  • Six of Swords (Blue Rose) Adventure: Storms over Kamala
  • Modern AGE Companion
  • Threefold Core
  • Blue Rose v2
  • Time Traveler’s Codex
  • The Lost Citadel
  • Legacy of Mana
  • Pathfinder: Second Edition Core Rulebook
  • 13th Age Bestiary 2: Lions & Tigers & Owlbears
  • Pathfinder: Gamemastery Guide
  • Firefly: Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim
  • Pathfinder Lost Omens: Legends
  • A Wanderer’s Guide to Limbos & Mirages
  • Blue Rose Adventurer’s Guide: Aldea in 5th Edition
  • Oathsworne (Board game)
  • Sword Chronicle
  • Tiny Supers
  • Tiny Wastelands
  • Afterlife (The Changeling Hunt)
  • Tianxia (Temple of Poisoned Chi)
  • Ultimate Kingdoms
  • Blue Rose: Touching the Wild
  • Crisis Simulation RPG
  • Widow’s Tear, a Starfinder 3rd party setting (Adriel, Neusa, Yemon, Valiant’s Song)
  • Zorro the Roleplaying Game