Genius Loci Now Closed!

Unless I’ve made special arrangements with you, the submissions for Genius Loci are now closed! We’ll be taking the next few weeks to go through them, and hope to have everything at least tentatively answered by mid-July, which is a little later than the first announced deadline, but such things happen.

And! We’re working on the contracts, but the fabulous folks at Ragnarok Publications will be publishing Genius Loci! The plan is to start the Kickstarter mid-August. I also have interior artists–the talented and wonderful Lisa Grabenstetter and Evan Jensen–and a cover artist in mind.

Total submissions: 160, with another 10 or so on the way. Not as many as War Stories, but the invitation list was smaller, I haven’t done any actual press on it yet, and the submission window was open for a VERY short length of time.

I’m incredibly humbled by the response and encouragement this project has received. It’s barely two months old, and already impressively complex. More humbling still are the people who sent notes with their submissions, explaining that the theme gave them catharsis for old tragedies, or brought back fond memories. That’s the best thing about being an editor: when you find a theme that genuinely touches not just readers, but the writers.

I can’t wait to see what is in that slush folder, and thank you all for a fantastic reading pile.

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