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The Strange California Kickstarter is Here!

“This anthology developed out of our love for the complexity and diversity of the state–features reflected in both the landscape and the people that inhabit them,” said Jaym Gates and J. Daniel Batt, the editors of Strange California. “California sprawls across a multitude of landscapes and has amassed a history full of the strange and…
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Self-Defense in an Online War

The following is a soup of resources, links, and advice, so I apologize. Organizing it and providing more narrative structure would be a small novella, at least. Disclaimer: I am not a police officer, nor do I work officially for any government organization. This is not official SFWA information. Everything here is based on my…
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Genius Loci Now Closed!

Unless I’ve made special arrangements with you, the submissions for Genius Loci are now closed! We’ll be taking the next few weeks to go through them, and hope to have everything at least tentatively answered by mid-July, which is a little later than the first announced deadline, but such things happen. And! We’re working on…
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