Changing of the Guard

Effective July 1, 2015, I will no longer be SFWA’s Communications Director. It’s been a long, interesting, and educational time with the organization, and one that has been immensely beneficial to both sides.

I have been considering my options for a while now. While I have had the fortune to work on many wonderful projects for SFWA, the demands on my time and resources have risen to the point where my other clients and my own health and career have paid the price. The goals of the organization have changed, too, and we have come to divergent paths.

The future, though, is incredibly bright. I am excited to announce a big and fantastic slate of clients, both new and continuing: Laura Anne Gilman (Silver on the Road), John Joseph Adams (Queers Destroy Science Fiction/Horror/Fantasy), J.M. McDermott, Patrick McLean, J.L. Doty, and Realmwalker Publishing Group. I will also be announcing a very exciting film client on July 1, and continuing my work with the Syria Airlift Project/Uplift Aeronautics. My sadly neglected writing will be making it back onto the roster, finally. My anthologies–Exalted, Genius Loci, Upside Down, and (Unannounced)–will also benefit from more focus.

In short, thank you to all of the people who made my stay at SFWA so interesting, and to everyone who supported, encouraged, or backed me through some very nasty times as well as the very good ones. I am sorry to leave so many projects unfinished, and had hoped to be able to wrap some up before I left, but such is the nature of things. I’m on deadline right now (the inevitable backlog of post-Nebula work), but as soon as I get a chance, I’ll post a retrospective on my SFWA service.

I am no longer reachable at any address. To contact me, please email jaym.gates (at) gmail, or say hi on Twitter, at @JaymGates.


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  • Congratulations! And all good luck to you in your future endeavors (watch out for Laura Ann, though; I hear she’s TROUBLE!! 😉 )

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