New Books!

Picked up a few books I’m really excited about from the Nebula book bag, and a bunch of other things:

“Persona”, by Genevieve Valentine
“Sorcerer to the Crown”, by Zen Cho (I bought one of Zen’s early stories for Crossed Genres, and the writing is wonderful.)
“Little Dystopias”, a collection from Kyle Aisteach.
“The House of Shattered Wings”, by Aliette de Bodard
“Beasts of Tabat”, by Cat Rambo
“Sing Me Your Scars”, by Damien Angelica Walters
“The Sea is Ours”, an anthology by Jaymee Goh (another author from Crossed Genres days!) and Joyce Chng
“Stories for Chip”, an anthology from Nisi Shawl and Bill Campbell

Wow, that’s a beautiful, diverse list up there.

Not from the bookbag:
“Firesoul”, Gary Kloster’s Pathfinder Tales novel
The Big Jones cookbook from where Scott, Eden, Lee, and I had brunch.

Author copies of Heroes! and Space, from the Origins Library/Silence in the Library
Author copy of the Nebula Cookbook

All this joins recent review copies:

“Luna: New Moon”, from Ian McDonald

“Dragon Coast”, by Greg van Eekhout

“The Causal Angel”, by Hannu Rajaniemi

“Dinosaur Lords”, by Victor Milan


Plus, you know, all the things I have to read for work, or have on my to-read list already, or want to acquire ASAP. I need a full-time reading assistant!

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