Gen Con Schedule

I’ll be an Industry Insider at Gen Con, so I’ve got a few panels! Please do come say hello if you see me. Don’t mind if I look busy or grumpy, it’s just how my face works.

I’ll be helping set up the Green Ronin booth, and then at professional events the rest of the evening. Theoretically I have a presentation on Trade Day, but I’m waiting to hear about that.

11am: Small Business Sanity Reclamation (Panel)
3pm: Periodic Content (Panel)
4pm: Lost Citadel (Panel)
Evening: industry events

2pm: Crowdfunding (Panel)
4pm: Immoral Women (Panel)
Evening: True Dungeon! And possibly something Ennies-related.

11am: Gaming as Ritual (Panel)
5pm: Consent at the Table (Panel)
Evening: First Lost Citadel game with the other developers!

All Green Ronin booth, all day.

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