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Gen Con Schedule

I’ll be an Industry Insider at Gen Con, so I’ve got a few panels! Please do come say hello if you see me. Don’t mind if I look busy or grumpy, it’s just how my face works. Wednesday I’ll be helping set up the Green Ronin booth, and then at professional events the rest of…
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Self-Defense in an Online War

The following is a soup of resources, links, and advice, so I apologize. Organizing it and providing more narrative structure would be a small novella, at least. Disclaimer: I am not a police officer, nor do I work officially for any government organization. This is not official SFWA information. Everything here is based on my…
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Gen Con 2013

Gen Con was, once again, amazing, cementing itself as my favorite convention. I got to see tons of friends and colleagues, some amazing new products, and the enthusiasm of the fans for the things we work on. I went in with the vague plan that I needed to pick up some more creative work, and…
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