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Whew. It’s been a long road, but I am happy to announce that Genius Loci has gone to all the authors, and is on its way to backers! The digital copies are already out, and we’ll hopefully be able to post links to the general sale version soon. We’re also working on backer rewards.

And it is beautiful. Deckled edges, matte cover, embossed, and heavy enough to kill a small buffalo. I couldn’t be happier with this passion project, but happier still that everyone else seems to love it like I do. Best compliment an editor could have!

Strange California is shaping up to be a hell of a thing in a spirit very similar to Genius Loci. A lot of weird, dark, gorgeous stories already accepted or in progress. We’ve gotten confirmations on art, too, so I’ll hopefully have some visuals soon. Jason and I have a meeting with Kickstarter soon to get that part up and running, too.

Eclipse Phase: After the Fall was available at Origins Game Fair, which was awesome. It’s a lovely little book. Adam Jury’s design skills are fantastic.

Endless Ages, the Vampire the Masquerade anthology, is going through final edits now. Hoping to turn that in by the end of next week, if all goes well. The authors really brought a lot of heart and talent to the setting, and I can’t wait to share that with folks.

Upside Down‘s Kickstarter is all wrapped up, and the manuscript has gone to the publisher. Thanks to Monica Valentinelli for keeping that project moving while my life imploded.

Oh, yeah, I guess that’s of some importance, too. The long and short of it is that four months of “You have got to be kidding me” bad luck and stress culminated with my grandfather having a heart attack. One emergency trip to California RIGHT before Origins Game Fair later, he’s doing okay, and the damage was minimal. But wow, Seattle has given me a hell of a welcome.

Anyways, the good news is, there are new projects to announce! I can’t announce all the exciting things in the works, because at least a couple of them are still under discussion/not yet cleared for sharing, but!

Tianxia: Blood, Silk, and Jade: I’m writing a short adventure/setting seed for them that should be tons of fun. Titled “The Temple of the Poisoned Chi”, it has lots of twisted monsters and greedy humans.

Blue Rose: I’m writing an adventure for the new Blue Rose RPG. Lots and lots of words, but so far, so good. That’s in edits now.

Broken Cities: My writing group kind of played with the idea of a shared setting, and then I suggested that shared setting to Falstaff Books, and then everything took off with a whoosh. Basically, we’ll be writing a series of novellas in the setting. Michelle Muenzler and Natania Barron are writing the first two, and I’m in talks with other authors for more. Michelle’s is already in, and I’m editing that now. I’ll be serving as developmental editor for the prose part of the project, for now. Paul Jessup has some other exciting things up his sleeve we’ll announce soon.

The Shattered Queen: I have…a short story collection coming out? It still feels weird to say that. But John Hartness at Falstaff wanted me to put it together, so I did, and now we’re working on final edits. Galen Dara’s art will be gracing the cover, and holy cow, guys, how did that all happen?

Witch of the Spanish Main: I’ve acquired a lovely 16th Century weird historical fantasy set in Spain, chock-full of Inquisition, Jewish lore, and pirates, from the fabulous Alisa Shcreibman. It’s going to be turned in around January 2017, and will be such a treat.

I’m also working on the framework for a collection of stories based on the invisible women of SFF: the chosen one’s mother, the superhero’s girlfriend, the princesses, etc. I already bought one story for it, so now I just have to put together the others. That will probably also be a Falstaff Books title, and entirely written by female authors.

Anyways, last but not least, I will be at Dragon Con! I already have eight panels (that I know about), so I’ll be kept busy. The rest of the time, come find me in the Westin bar with the other authors!

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  • Wow! I’m a panelist with you and reading up on your current projects has me totally stoked! See you Friday night!

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