Dragon Con!

Hitting the road tomorrow night to head down for what I hope is my last Dragon Con in a while. Of course, as soon as I said that yesterday, I picked up a new client who wants a presence there next year, SO. Oh well.

I will, mostly, be at the SFWA table in the Hyatt. We’re in that lobby outside of the Comics and Artists Alley, nicely adjacent to the Embassy ballrooms where most of my panels are this year! Come by and say hi, and if you mention that you saw this post, I have chocolate and books for give-away. We’ll also have all sorts of information on SFWA, and author signings, and more! (Anyone who wants to bring me Starbucks, I will love you and shower you with chocolate: grande chai latte, hot.)

And if you want to grab a coffee and talk or just generally hang out, let me know. I’ll be going sort of dark after Dragon Con, so I need to get socializing in now!

My Panel Schedule


Magical Tactics
Space marines are great, but what about when
firepower is an actual fire power? Military tactics
have a place in fantasy literature, too. E. Moon,
J. Gates; Fri 4:00 pm; Embassy C [Hyatt]

Fantasy for Gamers
Your favorite book is probably also a tabletop
game–or is it the other way around? L. Abbey, T.
Hickman, J. Gates, L. Hickman; Fri 5:30 pm;
Embassy C [Hyatt]


Gender Roles in Fantasy Literature
A thorny subject? Maybe. But we’re going there.
(Bring your respectful questions and insights.)
K. Hinds, C.L. Wilson, J. Gates; Sat 1:00 pm;
Embassy C [H]

Maned, winged, scaled, furred, hooved, and all
combinations thereof: fantasy is a menagerie.
How to write these critters convincingly. J. Nye,
T. Hickman, J. Gates, N. Novik, L. Hickman;
Sat 4:00 pm; Embassy C [H]


The Real History of Science Fiction: Aliens
The history of sci-fi includes robots, spaceships,
and aliens. This discussion looks at aliens from
a literary standpoint. M. Williamson, D. Hughes,
J. Gates; Sun 10:00 am; Embassy AB [H]

Z*Con: A Sneak Peek
A look at Z*Con, fresh from wrapping filming
this summer, with the director and some of the
crew, and maybe even some giveaways. Sun
1:00 pm; Chastain 1–2 [Westin]

(I’ll be returning with Big Damn Films for the…fourth?…year to moderate a panel on their latest project. It’s always tons of fun.)

And, just because it makes me feel all fancy, the shorthand for when I’ll be on panel, if not where or what!

Jaym Gates
Fri 04:00 pm (FL)
Fri 05:30 pm (FL)
Sat 01:00 pm (FL)
Sat 04:00 pm (FL)
Sun 10:00 am (SFL)

BONUS APPEARANCE! I’m being challenged to do the ice bucket challenge while there, except that it’s a goddamn BATHTUB full of ice water. So that will be happening at some point, and will be getting filmed, god help us all.

SFWA Signing Schedule

3:00 Jack Hillman
4:30 Beth Revis
5:00 Charles E. Gannon

10:30 Susan Klaus
11:00 Les Johnson
11:30 Darlene Bolesny
12:00 Lela E. Buis
1:30 Laura Anne Gilman
2:00 Tiffany Trent
3:30 Cinda Williams Chima
4:00 Mari Mancusi
4:30 Diana Peterfreund

10:30 Susan Klaus
11:30 Lois H. Gresh
2:00 Alan Gratz
3:00 Michael J. Martinez
3:30 Darlene Bolesny
4:00 Les Johnson
6:00 Charles E. Gannon

10:30 Keith R. A. Candido

Books for these authors can be found in the dealer’s room, 328-330, Level 2 AmericasMart.

For more information on SFWA and our members, please see sfwa.org.

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