Gen Con Schedule


Not a Minority Anymore
Kameron Hurley, Ana Visneski, Maurice Broaddus, Jess Banks
Noon, Thursday, Room 243

Gaming and fiction are becoming more and more diverse, bringing a new set of challenges, and adding extra weight to old challenges. How do you handle that around the gaming table, in your fiction, or in your business?

Monomyth Making (Moderator)
1pm, Thursday, Room 243
Dave Wolverton, Bill Willingham, Greg Wilson, Aaron Rosenberg

WORKSHOP: Publicity, Marketing, and Public Relations (Leading)
Kameron Hurley, Melanie Meadors, Ana Visneski
3pm, Thursday, Workshop room

Come one, come all! We’ll teach you how to create a publicity and/or marketing plan for your company, deal with crisis, and generally push yourself into a positive public spotlight. Free tips: don’t hire bigots, never use the words ‘if’ or ‘but’ in an apology, and don’t be an ass.

This is a workshop for people who are working in the industry already, or getting ready to launch projects, so there will be lots of crunchy bits!

Creating Anthologies
John Helfers, Kerrie Hughes, Toni L.P. Kelner, Gabrielle Harbowy
5pm, Thursday, Room 244

Hey, I’ll have copies of War Stories to show off! And a TOC of Genius Loci!

Non-Medieval Fantasy
Brad Beaulieu, Kameron Hurley, David B. Coe, Brian McClellan
7pm, Thursday, Room 244

Creating Your Image
Elizabeth Vaughn, Geoffrey Girard, Dave Wolverton, Maxwell Alexander Drake
11am, Friday, Room 243

WORKSHOP: Game Design to Fiction (Leading)
Dave Mattingly, Steven Long
1pm Friday, Workshop Room

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Dave, Steve, and I’ll talk about the business aspects of loading up a fiction line, from contracts to deadlines to editing. This is a heavy-duty class, so be prepared to talk legalities, worst-case scenarios, and more crunchy stuff.

WORKSHOP: Kickstarter, Social Media, and Standing Out From the Crowd (Leading)
Steven Saus, Melanie Meadors, Stephen Hood
3pm Saturday, Workshop Room

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This is the real deal: how you can manipulate people, time, data, and trends to succeed. It’s not going to be pretty, and it may ruin Kickstarters for you, but it will be useful!

Other than that, it’s mostly catching up with people and enjoying talking to people I won’t see for a while. I”ll also have copies of War Stories for backers who will be attending!

If you’re there, and want to see me, drop me a note. I’m going to try to be more social this convention.

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