Conventions and Travel: Version 2015

Whoops, so, it’s been a busy couple of months and I haven’t updated much. So a couple of quick notes.


Genius Loci is doing well. We’re sorting out payments, getting rewards and art sorted and underway, and I’ve done all but the copy-edit. I’ll be sending off the manuscript to my local print shop in the next couple of days, since I do much better with physical copies for proofing. I’m also working on a backer update with all of this and more.

Other anthologies: the Exalted, Tropes, and unannounced tie-in anthologies are all in some form of movement, and I will hopefully have info soon.

Realmwalker Publishing Group: The main group will be at Omaha ComicCon, but author Dave Atwell and I will be at ConCarolinas. We’ve got a ton of other great stuff going on, so I look forward to lots of announcements.

Writing: Just turned over my first comic script! Galen Dara and I are collaborating on a weird, nasty little deviation on Beauty and the Beast for an anthology, and I’m looking at pitching some more. I’m also working on a couple of RPG projects that I hope to announce soon. The novel is still underway, and I’ve got a second one roughed out (two totally different projects, yay for self-challenges!).

Clients: I am booked solid, and will only be accepting consultation requests.

Okay, schedule!

Con Carolinas, Charlotte, NC, May 29-31

Appearing on behalf of Realmwalker Publishing Group, and will likely be hanging out in the bar a great deal, since this is my hometown con and I have people to catch up with!

Washington, DC, May 16-19 (tentative)

Sneaking up for a couple of days to attend an Atlantic Council awards function and meet the guys I’ve been talking with since War Stories came out. Quick trip, but might be convinced to do a thing or two.

Origins Game Fair, Columbus, Ohio, June 3-5

In for a couple of days to see people, participate in some panels, and cause the usual amount of havoc.

Nebula Award Weekend, Chicago, Illinois, June 6-8

Up for meetings and such.

Seattle/Portland, June 14(ish) to ?

Road trip with Laura Anne for research purposes, seeing people, and another break from the hectic schedule to recharge and hide. Call dibs on my time now!

Sacramento/Bay Area, June ? to July 19(ish) 

Home. Weather and energy willing, a couple of weeks of intense horse-training to get the boys ridable again, getting the ranch back into shape, the usual vaccinations, hoof care, dentistry, and vet-work for the herd, and rock-climbing with my best friend. Nice, relaxing time.

Will also be making a trip to the Bay Area, and a trip to the coast for a few days offline to write and recharge, so again, let me know ASAP if you want to be on my schedule.

Gen Con, Indianapolis, Indiana, July 29 to August 3

All the panels, meetings, work, aggressive socializing, running a first-time SFWA presence, and trying not to die of people overload. If you want a meeting/dinner, reserve your time soon! I’m already running out of scheudle space.

Dragon Con, Atlanta, Georgia, September 3 to 7

Same as Gen Con, just more tired.

Convolution, Burlingame, CA, October 2-4

More news on this soon.

100 Year Starship Symposium, San Jose, California, October 30-November 1

More news on this soon.

Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, end of November! 

Vacation! Research!



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