Origins and Nebula Schedule


(Note: I leave very early Saturday morning, so if you want to see me, find me before then!)


Networking: 11am, C223, with Bryan Young, Gregory A. Wilson, Lucy Snyder, and Aaron Rosenberg


Is This a Kissing Book?: 11am, C223, with Sheryl Nantus, Tracy Chowdhury, Janine Spendlove

Writing from a Feminist Perspective: 1pm, C223, with Sarah Hans, Addie J. King, and Steven Saus

Religion and Science: 3pm, C222, with Daniel Myers and Tracy Chowdhury



(I will be at the Nebulas Saturday morning to Monday morning.)


SFWA Business Meeting

Saturday 3:00-4:00, Salon 9Self-Publishing Overview—Panelists will discuss the issues and decisions involved in self-publishing, including funding, selecting a platform, editing, cover art and distribution.
Panelists: Tobias Buckell, Steven Campbell, Jaym Gates, Ursula Vernon

Nebula Awards Reception, Banquet, and Ceremony


Sunday 1:00-2:00, Salon 9Using Social Media to Promote Your Work– There are many types of social media, geared towards different uses and users. What are the best ones for authors to use to promote their work? Panelists discuss how to find out what’s the best to use and how to use them effectively.
Panelists: Barry Goldblatt, Jaym Gates (M), Joy Ward

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