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Oh man, it’s been a wild few months. I’m finally home after three or so months of travel–Dragon Con, Seattle, California, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany–and realizing just how much I have to do in the next month.

So, what am I up to? First, the mundane stuff. The really awesome amazing cool announcement is at the bottom of the post.

Genius Loci
All the files have been submitted to the publisher, along with the backer rewards. Waiting on production there.

New and improved manuscript turned in to the publisher, waiting on word of whether I actually managed to tag it correctly. (Formatting is a gremlin that apparently will never leave me.)

Eclipse Phase
Waiting on one last story, and then we’re good to go! SUPER excited to share the TOC there.

Upside Down
Well, we’ve got a *lot* of slush to read…some really interesting stuff already.

Working with Laura Anne Gilman on Silver on the Road, John Joseph Adams’ Queers Destroy series, and Lawrence Schoen on Barsk right now, with a couple more clients in the wings. As usual, love my client list.

This is to be the month of 40,000 words if I want to meet my deadlines. I have an RPG setting contribution to turn in, two academic papers for 100 Year Starship, a short story for Origins, a bunch of blog stuff, and some pitches. Plus, you know, those novels I keep trying to manage.

Oh, that announcement?
So THAT’S why you’re still reading! So, I’ll be editing another anthology for Onyx Path. For Vampire: the Masquerade. Yep.

From OP’s announcement: “Endless Ages Fiction Anthology – The dark beauty of Vampire: The Masquerade has captivated and horrified readers for over twenty years. For the first time, we present an anthology containing brand new stories of the Kindred spanning the continuity of VtM from 1st Edition all the way through to V20. 300 pages. 6” x 9”. PDF/PoD.”

I’m working on the author lineup now. The deadline on this one is pretty tight, so I’m going to have to keep things smooth to hit my goals, but I am SO excited about this, and can’t wait to see what my authors turn in.

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  • I have something that might work for your “Upside Down” slush pile. But when I went to find the submission deadline, all I could find were thirty thousand pictures of food. I would like to humbly submit it for your awesome review, if I am still within the deadline. Of course you could just say “No way man. That was last week.” I’ll never know.

    David Mills

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