War Stories Award Eligibility

This year’s Nebula Awards nomination period is now open. Just…just wait for me to process this. I *swear* I’m still mopping up from the 2014 award season…OH WAIT I AM. Anyways! Back to the grind, but first…

From November 15 to February 15, Active and Associate SFWA members may submit nominations for the Nebula Awards. War Stories has a number of pieces eligible for Best Short Story nomination. Haldeman and Brooke were reprints, and are not eligible. The anthology is available to SFWA members on the discussion boards.

Disclaimer: While I am doing PR for the Nebula Weekend, I do not vote, nor am I involved in any way with the collection, counting, or recording of votes. This is provided entirely as a resource for my authors, who are amazing, and as far as I’m concerned, all deserve a nomination.

In The Loop, Ken Liu
Ghost Girl, Rich Larson
The Radio, Susan Jane Bigelow
Contractual Obligation, James Cambias
The Wasp Keepers, Mark Jacobsen
Non­-Standard Deviation, Richard Dansky
All You Need, Mike Sizemore
Valkyrie, Maurice Broaddus
One Million Lira, Thoraiya Dyer
Invincible, Jay Posey
Light and Shadow, Linda Nagata
Warhosts, Yoon Ha Lee
Suits, James Sutter
Mission. Suit. Self., Jake Kerr
In Loco, Carlos Orsi
War Dog, Mike Barretta
Coming Home, Janine Spendlove
Where We Would End a War, F. Brett Cox
Black Butterfly, T.C McCarthy
Always the Stars and the Void Between, Nerine Dorman
Enemy States, Karin Lowachee

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  • I bought eBook of War Stories for Linda Nagata story. It was very good. I like her SciFi stuff a lot-imaginative, credible settings with believable characters. That said, I was totally blown away by WAR DOGS-Baretta. Same near future settings but biologic vs. technologic. Where can I find more from Baretta?

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