Wait Times

My client list has filled up for the moment. I have a budget due on March 15, the Nebula Awards to publicize for, several clients to wrap up, and one major client in the last stretch before the big day. I am also hard at work making the next Single Cell event the best one yet, and I will be doing a string of cross-country events that will have me in traveling mode from mid-May to the end of June.

Ergo, the soonest I can start on another big project is July 2. I can still do consultation calls, and will be happy to discuss how to help *you* promote your book. I will also schedule you for summer and fall publicity.

Please keep in mind: book promotions do not start the day the book is published, or even a week ahead. To properly promote your book, I need a 3 month lead-time. This reduces stress and increases results. Even if you just want a little extra notice around the release-time, I need a minimum of a month’s advance. So if you have a book publishing this summer, get in touch with me now and let me have that on my radar.

However, many authors can do the bulk of promotions themselves. This is why I stress a consultation call first. If money or time are an issue, by all means, set up a call with me and we’ll get you on your feet.

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