I’m putting up a mega-post later this week at Rogue Blades, but I got lost on Youtube, and found all sorts of fun videos to supplement it.

First off, I’m sure you know horses can jump. Did you know how much? The sport of puissance is, to put it simply, a high-jump competition.


Okay, so it looks easy: the horse goes up and over, you don’t fall off. Simple, right? Not really. Jumping is incredibly tiring. Balance has to be perfect. And, what you don’t see in the videos above is that the horse’s hips are a muscular equivalent of a sling-shot. Trying not to go over its ears is…a matter of training. This is how a horse looks on its own.

Free jump

And if a horse really wants to get rid of you?


I’ll keep updating this post as I have time. In the meantime, here’s the playlist where I’m collecting all manner of useful horse videos.

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