Gen Con Workshop Materials Coming Soon!

Hey all! As promised, I did record the workshops. Unfortunately, the first two were subject to equipment fuckery, meaning that I have to go through and soundbite them. The Kickstarter one is preserved in full, but, to be honest, I’m going to be recording a couple more pieces because I feel like I let me end of things down a little on that one. (I’d literally found out about my great-grandfather less than two hours before, and honestly don’t remember the first part of the workshop.) I’ve been talking to a friend who works at Kickstarter, and she’ll be providing a lot more info for us.

So I need to soundbite the first two and get some info from everyone–resources, preferred website addresses, etc–and will post those, but there will be some crunchy Kickstarter goodness soon after that, hopefully.

I’m also hoping to start doing some short classes on PR and related topics to have available as podcasts. Of course, you know how my schedule is right now, so that’s a winter project…unless winter jumps on me like it did last year.

I’ll have my Dragon Con schedule up in a few days, too. Waiting to make sure I have a room, and getting a little nervous about that.

And I’m taking on a bunch of exciting, big, challenging new things, so keep your eyes peeled here for things.

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