Dragon Con Schedule!

Note: I am not managing the SFWA table this year, nor am I scheduled to do any time there. FREEDOM!

Anyways. Italicized stuff is what I’m participating in as, er, a participant. Client things I mostly just need to be available as a book-mule. Free time is noted, but will go quickly! The lobby bar of the Westin is where I’ll be basing my operations out of. If the last couple of Dragon Cons are any example, I will likely have about eight events and panels added AFTER I get there, so this is very much subject to change. Given that this is a very expensive con, work does come first.

1pm-ish: Arriving in Atlanta
2pm-ish: lunch with client
Afternoon: Free
Dinner: Reserved
Evening: hanging out at the Westin bar with the writers OR heading out to a friend’s party. Not sure how I’ll feel.

10:00-Noon: Star of the Guardians Reveal Party
Lunch: Free
2:30: Client panel
4:00: Trends in Urban Fantasy, Chastain (Westin)
4:30-7:00: Free
7:00: Client panel
8:00: Dinner plans

Morning: Free?!
2:30: Client reading
3:30-5:00: Free
5:30pm: Military Science Fiction, Embassy A-B (Hyatt)
7pm: Client Panel
8pm: Dinner plans

11:30am: Client panel
12:30-5:00: Free!
5:30pm: Ebooks, Embassy C (Hyatt)
7:00-whenever: Birthday/book release celebrations for friends

11:00-whenever-I-need-to-take-Laura Anne-to-the-airport: Free

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