As previously mentioned, I’ll be a guest at ConVolution this weekend! While I won’t be able to make it up on Friday (friend coming into town for my birthday!), I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday.

I only have two panels, which is a wondrously light and pleasing change from the norm. Alas, I maintain my streak of Sunday 10am panels.

Saturday: Publicity For Writers, at 4pm, in Sand Pebble A.
Sunday: Anatomy of a Review, at 10am, in Sand Pebble B.

I will also most likely be in the bar Saturday evening. Because what is a convention without BarCon?

I will not, alas, be at World Fantasy Convention in Toronto. However, you should totally check out the Cheeky Frawg/Prime Books/Tachyon launch party there. Jeff and I worked hard on this, and it should be pretty awesome.

Best wishes to everyone affected by Sandy. Twitter and FB are awfully quiet right now, and the NE voices are missed.


Because I love you all SO much, here are a few things we’ll be discussing at the Publicity panel on Saturday!

PR, Publicity, Marketing, what’s the dif?

I’ll just rely on word-of-mouth!

The hard-sell of DOOM

Dirty laundry, negative reviews, and buying the love

That’s JUST a sample, and if the rest of the week goes according to plan, I’ll have a whole bunch of resources available early next week!

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