Jaym Gates

Hello! I’m an editor, author, game developer, futurism consultant, and public relations manager. You can hire me for all sorts of things, or just read things I’ve already written, some of which are listed below! A little about me: I started out my publishing career as an editorial intern for Fantasy Magazine. A stint as a freelance publicist for Raw Dog Screaming Press, Jeff Vandermeer/Cheeky Frawg Books, Prime Books, and Paizo Novels followed, and I spent the next eight years developing a reputation as an innovative freelance publicist, using and developing social media and digital marketing tactics to help my clients succeed. One of those clients was the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. As the Communications Director for SFWA, I helped develop an internal and external communications program that helped lead to associations with NASA, DARPA, library and school systems across the country, and leading media. After that, I spent time working on developing my game chops, writing for tabletop RPGs, editing video games, and consulting on Kickstarters. I was eventually hired by Green Ronin Publishing to develop their fiction line, Nisaba Press, and not much later, was promoted to Editorial Coordinator, handling editing for the company’s products. These days, I’m focusing on freelance editing, Green Ronin work, and writing and developing, both in games and fiction. And if I’m not busy enough with all that, I also ride horses, train in Systema, make felt and jewelry, and spend a lot of time trying to tire out my new German Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog puppy.