Writing Portfolio

Short Fiction Publications
• “First Step, Last Breath”, Aether Age Hadley Rille Books, 2010
• “The Shadow of Phrixos”, Aether Age, Hadley Rille Books, 2010
• “Lord of Heaven and Earth”, Issue 18, M-Brane SF, 2010
• “I Am Made of Every Color”, Triumph Over Tragedy, Charity Anthology, 2013
• “When Nothing Was”, Issue 2, Goldfish Grimm, 2013
• “By Blood & Fang & Song”, Heroes!: A Diverse Superhero Anthology, Origins Library, 2013)
• “Lord of Heaven and Earth”, Writers for Relief, Sapphire City Press, 2013 (reprint)
• “The Greatest Hunger” Kaiju Rising, Ragnarok Publications, 2014
• “Under the Dreams of the Gods We Weep”, By Faerie Light, Broken Eye Books, 2014
• “I Am Made of Every Color”, Life After Ashes, Alliteration Ink, 2015 (reprint)
• “Clank-Clank Nanny” Issue 16, Goldfish Grimm, 2015
• “There Are Ships on the Horizon, Colorless and Wrong” Space! ,Origins Library, 2015
• “Feed the Beast” For Exposure, Apex Publications, 2015
• “As the Sun Dies”, Issue 1, Grendelsong, 2015
• “No” Robots!, Origins Library, 2016
• “The Tears of Some Lonely God”, Online, Hex Publishers, 2016 pending
• “Burned Pitch and Wet Copper”, Tarot Shadowrun anthology, Catalyst Labs, 2016
• Shattered Queens and Other Myths: the Collected Short Stories of Jaym Gates, Falstaff Books, Autumn 2016

Comics Publications
• “Fangs in the Mirror” (art by Chesley and Hugo Award-nominated Galen Dara), Beauty, Dirty Diamonds, 2015

Role-Playing Game Work-for-Hire
Blue Rose, Green Ronin, 2016
Tianxia: Blood, Silk, and Jade, Vigilance Press, 2016
Firefly: Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim, Margaret Weis, 2014
Lost Citadel¸ (uncredited), 2015

Nonfiction Publications—Selected
• “We Are Mighty”, Antihero, Crossed Genres #17, 2010
• “A Hidden Spark: Piezoelectrics”, Scienceinmyfiction.com, 2010 (Reprinted by the Piezoelectric Institute of Europe)
• “The Organizational Beast”, (with comics artist Joie Brown), SFWA.org, 2015
• “The Paper Dragon”, (with comics artist Joie Brown), SFWA.org, 2015
• “Loading, Please Wait: Interstellar Crisis Communications”, 100 Year Starship Symposium Conference Proceedings, 2015
• “Becoming an Interstellar Civilization”, 100 Year Starship Symposium Conference Proceedings, 2016
• “Dude, Let’s Go to Mars”, 100 Year Starship Symposium Conference Proceedings, 2016
• “Munchkin as Monomyth”, The Munchkin Book: The Official Companion, Steve Jackson Games, 2016

Interviews, Features, Appearances, etc—Selected
• Reddit AMA, “We Are Jaym Gates and Andrew Liptak, for the War Stories Anthology, AMA”, 2013
• “On Publicity, with Jaym Gates”, Bitch Media, 2013
• “Hand in Hand” (with Neil Gaiman, Nnedi Okorafor, Gene Wolfe, Garth Nix, etc”), a Shared Worlds Feature, Wofford College, 2014
• “Fighting for the Final Frontier: Conflict in Space”, Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare series, Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, 2015
• Judge, Canopus Award, 100 Year Starship Symposium, 2015
• “Interview with Jaym Gates”, Women in Horror Month, by Simon Dewar, 2015
• “Storytelling and Migration: A Journey of Myth and Culture” (moderator), Duke University, 2015
• Judge, Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare: Envisioning 2035
• Featured Reader, Wold Newton Event, Readercon 2011
• Featured Speaker, Gen Con 2014, 2015
• Featured Speaker, Origins Library, 2013, 2015, 2016
• Attending Professional, Dragon Con, 2011-2016
• Nebula Awards Weekend, Panelist and Media Coordinator, 2011-2015
• Featured Speaker, 100 Year Starship Symposium’s SciFi Night, 2014