Fiction Writing: I’ve been writing fiction professionally for a decade. My experience includes short stories, comics, tabletop role-playing games, and flavor text for everything from board games to theoretical companies. Rates vary by product, contact for quote.

Nonfiction Writing: I started writing nonfiction for my grandfather’s engineering firm when I was in my teens, helping to create a website for his business. Since then, I’ve written for magazines, futurist endeavors, websites, company guidelines, anti-harassment policies, and military and political issues. Rates vary by project, with a base rate of $150.

Biographies and Marketing Materials: After eight years of marketing and publicity, I’ve gotten pretty good at writing biographies and marketing materials for other people. Whether it’s a Guest of Honor biography for a local convention, or a media kit for your book, I can help you present yourself in a polished, concise manner. 

Social Media and Company Documentation: I was one of the early adopters of social media for creative endeavors, and have contributed extensively to industry standards of behavior and use. Since then, I’ve written social media guidelines for humanitarian organizations, corporate powerhouses, and small presses,
as well as presenting regularly on the topic.  In the age of social media and online harassment campaigns, you need to be ahead of the game. Rates vary by complexity and company size. Contact for specifics. 

Developmental Editing: Writing a novel is a lot of work, and over many, many drafts, we can become blind to plot, continuity, and other minor errors. A developmental editor helps you tighten your novel up to look its best on the publisher’s or agent’s desk. Rates starting at 2 cents per word. Inquire for specifics. 

Career Coaching: If you’re just getting into the publishing or gaming world, or wondering where to go next, it can help to have someone help figure out the path. $300-500, depending on package. 

Marketing and Publicity Consultation: I’ve built many a marketing plan from the ground up, including the external publicity program for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Prices vary according to project size. 

Pitch Development: I’ve served as an acquiring and developmental editor on novels and anthologies for the last decade. I’ve pitched countless projects, and sat through many a speed-dating pitch session. I can help you make your pitch materials eye-catching for agents and editors. $100-$150 per project. 

Game and Anthology Development: Inquire for details and examples of work. 

Speaking Engagements: I’ve been talking about things to people in places for a few years now, from tiny panels to internationally-scene forums. Gaming, writing, editing, being a creative freelancer…ask what I can speak about for you! Rates vary.