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I cannot guarantee that my efforts will land you on a bestseller list, award nomination list, or increase your sales by 500%. We can send your book to every reviewer out there, and it still might end up not being covered by even one. You might be on the same podcast as Neil Gaiman and not sell another book. Publicity is a game of luck, chance, the long game and the occasional aligning of the planets.

What I can guarantee is that I’ll do my best to make your book, press or company successful. Success is good for me, too, so I have every incentive to get us both there.

The best thing you can do to make us both successful is to communicate frequently, chase your own opportunities, make sure I have every scrap of information, and understand that you’ll be building your platform for the rest of your career.

Hopefully, we can work on that platform together.

1.)  Consultation:

$90 for one hour of publicity consultation.
$100 for a Kickstarter consultation.

Even if you just know you want to hire me, I’ll need to have a consultation with you first. This will generally last for about an hour, and will give us both a chance to see if I can help you. The consultation will be held over Skype, either IM or voice, or phone. I’ll use that hour to get a sense of your project, your goals, and your experience.

If you decide to hire me, we’ll start setting up a publicity plan for you. I have a form with all sorts of questions about you and your book (s) that you will need to fill out. This will help me focus my efforts.

If you decide you don’t need me to work for you, we’ll discuss all the wonderful and amazing things you can do on your own. Trust me, there are a lot of them. And, to be entirely honest, most people don’t need their very own shiny publicist, so the consultation might be all we need to do.

(This can also be done at a convention. You can check my calendar to find out if we’ll be in the same place at the same time.)

A Kickstarter consultation is a one-time thing. I’ll work with you to give your campaign the best chance of success.

2.) If you do decide to hire me:

You’ll have your choice of a flat fee, or a percentage of profits. The flat fee will be for a certain list of things, which we’ll decide on during our consultation. The percentage is if you want more of an assistant: handling review and interview requests, setting up book tours, etc. and tends to be a longer-term engagement.

3.) Workshops:

I’ll be doing panels, programming and/or workshops at Origins Game Fair, GenCon Writer’s Symposium, Cascade Writer’s Workshop, the Nebula Award Weekend, and Dragon*Con. I am available for other events as well.

Contact: jaymgatespr(at)gmail(dot)com

2 Responses to “Prices and Services”

  • Hi Jaym,

    Do you offer just editing services (at least to begin with)? I’ve spent the last four years working on my first novel, a darkish steampunk fantasy, and feel like I’ve taken it as far as I can. I’ve used beta readers (beyond just my family and friends) and could use an editor’s perspective/katana on the thing.

    If that sounds like something you have time for, please let me know. I’m down with the consultation as a means of gauging things.


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