Editing Portfolio


Rigor Amortis, Edge Books, 2011

  • “This short-story anthology is packed full of some of the most heartbreaking romance and vicious revenge stories I have read in quite some time…I recommend this book to lovers of the grotesque and anyone who wants their horrific spiced with something different from the “usual.”–Shocktotem.com”

Broken Time Blues, Edge Books, 2012

  • “In a year of many good anthologies, Broken Time Blues stands out as among the better ones. The stories are notable for imagination and treading new ground; I was going to list my favorites, but I couldn’t decide.–Goodreads.com”

War Stories, Apex Publications, 2014

  • “…‘War Stories: New Military Science Fiction’ contains some real gems. The stories are well written and often thought-provoking. Some of the themes may be as old as the hills but the settings are brand new. I’d recommend this collection to anyone who likes his or her military Science Fiction.–SF Crowsnest”
  • “The anthology is at its best where it makes real world parallels and offers political comment – conflict situations that feel familiar but have moved on. The names of opposing sides changing a little like dance partners, with new slang derived from the modern colloquial, making the context relate-able and different at the same time.–SFBook.com”
  • “A diverse and well-written collection that gets to the heart of what it means to go to war…Editors Jaym Gates and Andrew Liptak did an amazing job of pulling together just the right combination of hard military, horror, and more reflective and emotional stories.–Booksbonesbuffy.com”

Genius Loci, Ragnarok Publishing, 2015

  • “These stories are works of art. A lot of time and thought was put into crafting the small, surprisingly sharp images. I am impressed, and I hope other readers will be, too.–Goodreads.com”

Exalted: Tales from the Age of Sorrows, Onyx Path Publishing, 2015

Upside Down, Apex Publications, 2016

Eclipse Phase: After the Fall, Posthuman Studios, 2016

  • “The whole collection is great for anyone with a taste for the transhuman, both genre veterans and novices.–Goodreads.com”

Vampire the Masquerade: Endless Ages, Onyx Path Publishing, Autumn 2016

Strange California, Falstaff Books, 2016/2017

Little Death of Crossed Genres, 2010
Crossed Genres Quarterly 1: Celebrations and Tragedy, 2011
Crossed Genres Quarterly 2: Superhero, Antihero, Villain (uncredited), 2011
SFWA Bulletin Special Edition, 2014