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If you want to hire me, invite me to a convention, or inquire about my rates or availability, please send me an email at jaym (dot) gates at gmail (dot) com, or use the contact form above.

Short Bio: Jaym Gates is an editor, author, and game developer. She is the Editorial Manager for Green Ronin Publishing’s Nisaba Press, an Acquisitions Editor for Falstaff Books, and freelance editor and author. More information can be found at, or on Twitter as @JaymGates. 

Medium Bio: Jaym Gates got her start as an editor by making a joke on Twitter. After that unexpectedly fortunate joke, she’s gone on to edit anthologies, novels, and game books. Her recent titles include War Stories, Strange California, Strategy Strikes Back, and Genius Loci. 

She writes short stories and game fiction, as well as game content. Her game writing can be found in Blue Rose 2nd ed., Smuggler’s Guide to the Rim, Modern AGE Companion, and Six of Swords. She is the developer of the upcoming Gallant Knight Games project We Are All Monsters, and co-developer of Green Ronin’s Shattered AGE. 

Jaym is the Editorial Manager for Nisaba Press, Green Ronin Publishing’s fiction line, and an acquiring editor for Falstaff Books. She is a freelance editor and author, and appears regularly at conventions. 

In her copious spare time, Jaym rides horses, gets involved in too many hobbies, and practices Systema, a Russian martial art. She lives in the Seattle area with her partner, the infamous Murder!Cat, a very happy puppy, and an assortment of horses. 

You can find out more about her at, or on Twitter as @JaymGates.