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Sword and Sorcery, Part 1
Sword and Sorcery, Part 2

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Rigor Amortis: A Barnes and Noble Top 10 2011 Zombie pick
Functional Nerds interview the Rigor Amortis authors
WUNC interviews the editors of Rigor Amortis
The Irreverent Muse interviews the Rigor Amortis editors
The Victoria Beacon interviews a Broken Time Blues author

Inkpunks Blog
A bit about SF awards: I Nominate Thee
Edited guest-post: Don’t Self-Reject!
About self-promotion: Hey, Look At ME!
Archive of my posts

Science In My Fiction Blog
Piezoelectrics and their fictional and future applications. This post was picked up by the Piezoelectric Institute of Europe and posted to their front page: Piezoelectrics

Home of Heroics
Though He Walks Through the Shadow

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