I started my career working for magazines and presses. But, with the economy and the changing state of the book market, authors started having to do a whole lot more of the work themselves. It’s as much part of the job now as writing the book or finding an agent. Why would you hire me? I’ve been doing this in one form or another for six years in the publishing industry, and five years in retail. I’ve worked with Jeff VanderMeer, Scott Sigler, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Prime Books, Paizo Publishing’s novel line, and more. Publicity and communications are a touchy blend of science and art, and there is no sure formula for any project. My job is to work with you to find the formula that works for your project.

Partial Resume of Applicable Experience

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Communications Director, 2010-Present

• Coordinating communications, publicity, and promotional efforts for a membership of 1800 publishing industry professionals.

• Coordinating publicity and communications for the Nebula Awards, the top professional award in the field of SF publishing.

• Engaging with NASA, DARPA, STEM groups, international news organizations, TV and radio programs, Hollywood, conventions, schools, libraries, nonprofits, and other related groups to build the awareness and influence of genre authors.

• Coordinating efforts for SFWA to appear at the Science and Engineering Festival, BookExpo America, ALA, the 100 Year Starship Symposium, and more.

• Working with authors and industry leaders to establish a fair and livable industry, including dealing with issues of international piracy, predatory contracts, issues with Amazon and Google, DoJ and Department of Copyright investigations, and more.


Dragon’s Gate Media, Owner, January 2009-Present

• Blogger, columnist, convention manager and social media manager.

• Head moderator for MonsterCon, moderator and workshop presenter for many other conventions.

• Editor of the anthologies Broken Time Blues, War Stories, Geek Love, Exalted, Genius Loci.

• Edited Crossed Genres and SFWA Bulletin magazines.

• Author of over 30 pieces of published fiction and nonfiction.

• Experience includes (but is not limited to):

▪ writing and managing contracts; issuing statements on legal issues;

▪ creating and implementing marketing plans;

▪ writing copy for books, catalogs and websites; creating and maintaining databases;

▪ creating educational opportunities for authors and professionals.

• Advocating for the safety, respect, and representation of female professionals and fans in the industry, including establishing anti-harassment guidelines and processes in multiple non-profit and for-profit events.


Raw Dog Screaming Press, Publicity Manager, May 2010-May 2011

• Created their marketing and publicity program.

• Creating publicity plans for new book releases, including readings, tours, signings and give-aways.

• Writing press kits, front/catalog copy and publicity materials, including basic graphic design.


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  1. Jaym, I found my way to this website starting by looking up Bitch Magazine. The store I work for (www.selfservetoys.com) is looking for people who blog about feminist, social issues who might be interested in seeing some of the stuff we’re doing, in case they feel like writing about it. Would you be such a person? If so, what is a better way to send you information?

    Many thanks,
    Kathryn Smith

  2. Hello Jaym, I have a book coming out in September and want to start putting together some online marketing: blog tours, goodreads efforts, etc. My writer pals (I swim in the Apex pond) say you’re “the best” — so, at your convenience please shoot me an email so we can arrange that first consultation. Thanks much!

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