I started my career working for magazines and presses. But, with the economy and the changing state of the book market, authors started having to do a whole lot more of the work themselves. It’s as much part of the job now as writing the book or finding an agent.

Why would you hire me? I’ve been doing this in one form or another for three years in the publishing industry, and five years in retail. My clients and projects include Raw Dog Screaming Press; the Nebula Awards; Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America; Jeff VanderMeer; Crossed Genres Magazine; JoSelle Vanderhooft; the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and many more. Magazines, books, anthologies, presses, conventions, awards and organizations, all sorts of things.

A lot of publicity firms claim to send a press release to 10,000 contacts…but mass-mailings aren’t what you need. A publicist’s job is to get the right info to the right people at the right time. That’s what I will work with you to do.

If this sounds like something you might want, email me at jaymgatespr (at) gmail (dot) com.


I cannot guarantee that my efforts will land you on a bestseller list, award nomination list, or increase your sales by 500%. We can send your book to every reviewer out there, and it still might end up not being covered by even one. You might be on the same podcast as Neil Gaiman and not sell another book. Publicity is a game of luck, chance, the long game and the occasional aligning of the planets. A lot of best-selling authors have a lot of money behind their success, or huge networks of contacts.

What I can guarantee is that I’ll do my best to make your book, press or company successful. Success is good for me, too, so I have every incentive to get us both there.

The best thing you can do to make us both successful is to communicate frequently, chase your own opportunities, make sure I have every scrap of information, and understand that you’ll be building your platform for the rest of your career.

Hopefully, we can work on that platform together.

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  • Jaym, I found my way to this website starting by looking up Bitch Magazine. The store I work for (www.selfservetoys.com) is looking for people who blog about feminist, social issues who might be interested in seeing some of the stuff we’re doing, in case they feel like writing about it. Would you be such a person? If so, what is a better way to send you information?

    Many thanks,
    Kathryn Smith

  • Hello Jaym, I have a book coming out in September and want to start putting together some online marketing: blog tours, goodreads efforts, etc. My writer pals (I swim in the Apex pond) say you’re “the best” — so, at your convenience please shoot me an email so we can arrange that first consultation. Thanks much!

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